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Reviews: Citizen BJ7000-52E Eco-Drive Nighthawk Watch

Author: Olaf Johnson

Sweet watch, I've been wearing mine for 4 months.

I'm an Environmental Engineering Student and I also currently own an Omega Speedmaster ($2100 graduation gift long ago) and a Titanium Pro-Trek Casio Triple Sensor Watch (Compass, Altimeter & Temperature $295.00) that I used for my previous job as an outdoors wilderness instructor.

Both those watches are extreme (the Casio being too rugged, big and bulky the Omega being very freaking expensive) for everyday use and wanted something that suited my keen personality, short budget and modern taste.

I never liked anything in terms of jewelry or watches from department stores or malls, but when I walked into MACY's during Christmas shopping last december at the local mall I saw these Eco-Drive watches for the first time.

It has always been my opinion that Citizen makes very old fashioned timepieces, yet the Nighthawk Eco-Drive is very different and far more classy than any other Citizen watch on the shelf. Some of the other newer Eco-Drive watches also look edgy and fresher. But the nighthawk captures a boldness with it's appearancethat is very timeless. Needless to say, I tried it on and was sold for replica watches uk.

The features are amazing, apart from all the other "timekeeping-based and solar powered-based features you can read about everywhere else on the internet, the Nighthawk also has a multi-functional Slide Rule. This is not really praised or mentioned anywhere else so I will tell you what it is, what it does and why it makes owning this watch very cool!

With the slide rule you can calculate your car's fuel consumption, average speed/velocity and the time you will arrive at your destination, you can also multiply and divide numbers, calculate ratio's into percentages, integers and decimals, covert liters to gallons, pounds to kilograms as well as other metric conversions. The slide rule also performs a few more complicated calculations that involve airplanes and nautical vessels that are beyond my understanding.

At any rate, these calculations can be done by simply rotating the NightHawk's bezel and matching specific arrows at certain points along the dial. (If you don't believe me, you can download the Nighhawk's PDF manual and read up on it for yourself.)

In fact, it is easier than using a calculator and clears up the big mystery of what people used before computers and electronic calculators were invented; they used the "Slide Rule".

Being a grad student, I've read about the slide rules in a variety of classes but I never thought that I would own one on my next watch. I also would have never guessed that the slide rule is so efficient and easier to use than the graphics calculators we use in school.

The only negatives cocerning the Slide Rule feature on the NightHawk are the numbers on the slide rule dial are small and angled inwards so that they are tricky to read without tilting the watch around to get a good view of the numbers. Also the slide rule only approximates and produces whole numbers for some of the more advanced calculations.

Overall, I found that the useful geek-features, outdoorsman durability, everyday comfort and eco-friendliness to be well synthesized in the classy steel body of the Nighthawk Eco-Drive.

Citizen BJ7000-52E Nighthawk Watch

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Citizen BL5250-02L Chronograph Watch Using Skills

First off, I got the watch a couple days ago. The look, feel, and accuracy are all spot on.

However, it appears that Citizen has changed a few things about the setting of the Replica watches uk, and NOT changed the documentation. I had to experiment in order to figure out how to set the date, it was nothing like the instructions. In order to change the MODE (time, chrono, alarm, local time) you now have to pull the crown out to the first position, then rotate it. This means that the first position can no longer be used to set the date! (like the instructions say) Now, in TIME mode, with the crown pulled out to position two (where the time is set) the "A" button toggles between all of the time AND date settings (the selected hand does a little dance to let you know it's selected), and twisting the crown adjusts it.

Personally I LOVE this change (once I figured out how to set it). Other reviewers had complained about inadvertently changing the mode when pulling their hand out of a pocket, etc. Now, clicking the crown in the zero position does NOTHING. Which is how it should be. It looks like Citizen listened to user feedback, which speaks miles about them. They now need to update their documentation to match.

Great watch, we'll see how it does with more time on the wrist, but I wanted to let everyone know about my findings ASAP!

Citizen Chronograph Watch BL5250-02L

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Reviews: Citizen AT0810-55X Eco-Drive Sport Watch

So happy today, I received my watch. It is even better than expected, very good.

I had been looking for an "everyday" type of watch to wear, Citizen At0810-55X Eco-Drive Sport Watch fits that description nicely.Along side all of its features, like "Eco-Drive", it is a very smart looking watch , with a great look and nice weight to it.

This is a sports watch, but it is pretty stylish too. The brown and black dial looks much better inperson than the pictures on the website depict. The color is what sold me, you don't see brown dials too often in nicer Replica watches uk.

The only regret the things, the purchase did not get the 39% discount, only to get a 20% discount. Course, Amazon price than the local department store is much cheaper.

Citizen AT0810-55X Watch Gift BoxCitizen AT0810-55X Sport Watch

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Surprised, Citizen Watches History

Recently tried to buy a citizen watch. Curiosity as urged by querying the history of citizen watches, so I feel very surprised.
Good saying goes, every successful business has a very old story, this is really nothing wrong.

Citizen history
1924 - first pocket watch, the 'CITIZEN'
1931 - One of the first Citizen wrist Rolex Replica watches, the 'Caliber F'
1940 - The factory building
1956 - First Japanese wristwatch with shock-absorption

The Citizen Watch Company, Ltd. was established in 1930. Citizen Watches NZ was established in 1975 with its Head Office in Auckland.

Yea, you see right, his history is very old now! For nearly 100 years of history.

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