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Citizen Chronograph Watch

Citizen BL5250-02L Chronograph Watch Using Skills

First off, I got the watch a couple days ago. The look, feel, and accuracy are all spot on.

However, it appears that Citizen has changed a few things about the setting of the Replica watches uk, and NOT changed the documentation. I had to experiment in order to figure out how to set the date, it was nothing like the instructions. In order to change the MODE (time, chrono, alarm, local time) you now have to pull the crown out to the first position, then rotate it. This means that the first position can no longer be used to set the date! (like the instructions say) Now, in TIME mode, with the crown pulled out to position two (where the time is set) the "A" button toggles between all of the time AND date settings (the selected hand does a little dance to let you know it's selected), and twisting the crown adjusts it.

Personally I LOVE this change (once I figured out how to set it). Other reviewers had complained about inadvertently changing the mode when pulling their hand out of a pocket, etc. Now, clicking the crown in the zero position does NOTHING. Which is how it should be. It looks like Citizen listened to user feedback, which speaks miles about them. They now need to update their documentation to match.

Great watch, we'll see how it does with more time on the wrist, but I wanted to let everyone know about my findings ASAP!

Citizen Chronograph Watch BL5250-02L

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Joel M. Poppleton

I have many watches that I really like, but I hate to wear them to work for fear that the crystal or case will get scratched. I decided I needed a watch with no sentimental value to worry about. In looking for a watch the criteria I was looking for included solar power movement, perpetual calendar, and a bezel. I also wanted something that would be comfortable to wear. The fact that the case is titanium (and therefore quite light for its size) s just a bonus.

This has been just a terriffic watch, and I'm extremely satisfied. It has exceeded my expectations in all particulars!

John N. Wyndham

Liked it so much that I gave it as a gift for Christmas. Looks great, keeps exact time and requires no batteries.

Michael Winegrad

After lots of research I bought this watch.

Let's face it, a Timex will provide accurate time but it's the look & style that really matter and this watch has what I wanted (a Brietling appearence) but could aford. It's a masculine and classy watch all the way. I have no need for the alarm or stop watch functions so that doesn't matter to me.

likes: looks distinguished, well made, great value, easy to read (day or night), nice functions, and best of all- you don't have to let some moron man-handle your timepiece when changing the battery on a regular basis!

dislikes: be aware that the bezel is highly polished which means that it looks a bit like "chrome" or cheap "bling". It doesn't look like a Brietling or Tag, you know? I'm looking into having the finish buffed but I might be asking for trouble. This is kind of silly to mention but the luminescent is so strong that when I come from outside the face hands look green because of the glow, and I don't like the look. After a while it dissapates. The other issue for me is that the date window is very small and I usually can't read it.

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